Arbor Culture are residential tree specialists


Tree Removal

Large or small, near buildings or in the open, Arbor Culture have the experience to safely dismantle your trees, leaving only the stump. If you’d like the stump gone to, we can also organise this with a local stump grinder.

Mulching (chipping)

Turn your unwanted trees into attractive ground cover. We have a sturdy 6” Mulcher that yields perfect garden mulch for our customers. We’re also happy to take away your trimmings (as mulch) for free.

Hedge Trimming

We also work close to the ground, trimming hedges and tree-lined carriageways. In many cases, trimming hedges too heavily can be a sure-fire way to destroy its structure. In other cases, insufficient trimming can be a waste of time and money. We’ll get it right.

Tree Shaping

We can get the most out of your trees and refine the look of your property. Our team has the vision to carve and sculpt your feature trees to your liking – and for their ongoing health and beauty.

Tree Felling

Trees are not just scenery, they’re a resource. Arbor Culture have the skills to drop a tree roughly where you want it. Want to keep the bole? No problem. We can trim and fell your tree, ready for on-site milling.

Planting & Revegetation

We know trees, young and old. Once we’ve removed that unsightly old tree, we can plant saplings or ground cover appropriate for the location, at your direction.

Crown Lifting

Arbor Culture can make space underneath a tree – for a view or for a picnic – by removing branches in a way that encourages the tree to grow upwards. The best method for this varies considerably between species.

Tree Pruning

Trees getting out of hand? Dangerous branches keeping you on edge? Keep your trees healthy by arranging Arbor Culture to proportionally thin crowns or remove limbs.

Get In Touch

Contact us today to discuss your tree maintenance needs. We provide a full service, including on-site mulching and making stump-grinding arrangements. We’re your local family-run arborists.